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As a Mind, Body Spirit Life Coach my goal is to assist you to align with your life’s passion & purpose.
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IICT Member


During this revealing and empowering 3 hours you will be encouraged, inspired and shown ways to fulfil your dreams.

* You will receive a pre-discovery document to complete prior to the 1st session

  • Uncover limiting beliefs and discover ways to move through them

* Learn how to overcome procrastination

  • Gain a clear sense of your life purpose
  • Learn life skills such as meditation – visualization
  • The power and use of affirmations

I won’t lie to you figuring out what you want is only the first step to transforming your life. During your Breakthrough session, we’ll explore some of your options for possible next steps.

 breather package

At the end of this session you will know you are on a powerful and positive pathway, leading toward the delicious life you have always dreamt of.

Your Investment is $599 USD.

If you have any questions about this Breakthrough Discovery Session I’d love to answer them – just email me to ask.

I offer just 2 of these packages per month.

If you believe this Breakthrough Day is for you please fill out the application form.

Within 48 hrs. of receiving this form I will contact you. Offering you a place and sending you a payment link. Once payment is received an online scheduler link will be sent to enable you to book your Breakthrough Discovery Session with me.

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If you long for more vitality and confidence in your life. I can help. If you keep making the same mistakes over and over, and can’t figure out why (and, more importantly, how to stop). I can help there too. I know you feel stuck, but I promise there’s a way forward! You don’t even need to live locally: I offer coaching by Skype to clients all over the world.! Getting started with me is easy.

I offer just 2 of these packages per month. Click here to apply for one them today!



HOW TO USE AFFIRMATIONS, MEDITATION & CREATIVE VISUALIZATION TO BALANCE YOUR CHAKRAS From the Coaching desk of Lynette @ The Spiral Sanctuary At the core of Louise Hay’s philosophy in her book Bestselling book (50 million copies worldwide) “You Can Heal Your Life” is the Body/Mind/Spirit Connection. The heart of her teaching focus’s on self-love. Therefore as a Heal Your Life Coach the next intuitive step for me to make was to utilize Louise’s wonderful affirmations to heal the chakra energy system. I infused this healing technique with the power of Creative Visualization best explained in Shakti Gawain’s, now iconic book, Creative Visualization. Chakra is a Sanskrit word-meaning wheel, or vortex. There are 7 main chakra energy centres in our energy system. A colour is associated with each Chakra. Each main Chakra is associated with various organs or body parts. For example, the Throat Chakra is number 5 and represented by the colour sky blue. Physical issues manifesting around this Chakra are described as “I have a lump in my throat”, thyroid issues, laryngitis, other voice issues and sometimes gum and teeth issues. On an emotional level the person may not feel free to voice him or herself or live their life in an authentic way that is true to the calling of their soul. They feel disempowered. When we are healthy and happy these Chakra wheels spin freely. As each Chakra is represented by a colour when we are happy & healthy they are bright but when we are unhealthy or distressed the colours are muted. The purpose of Affirmations & Creative Visualization is to assist us to... read more

How to use The Law of Attraction & Creative Visualization

Power Word Vision Board   Welcome beautiful souls, step into my blog as I introduce you to the inspirational power & MAGIC of the POWER WORD. This a time honored method of calling in your dream. It’s that time of the year when many participate in that age-old tradition of implementing a new years resolution. Often these resolutions are backed by and underlying focus on “shoulds” e.g. I should lose weight, I should get up earlier, I should spend more quality time with my family. Perhaps this is why many of these resolutions are left by the wayside in the first quarter of a new year. Louise Hay says “replace your should. I believe that should is one of the most damaging words in our language. Every time we use it, we are in effect, saying that we are wrong, or we were wrong or we are going to be wrong. Replace should with could.” My suggestion is that you replace your New Years resolution with a POWER WORD. When you select a POWER WORD as your guide for 2015 you are implementing a long understood ritual of intention & the power of the Law of Attraction. An ideal ritual is to create a POWER WORD Vision Board (also known as treasure maps, heart maps & co – creation boards) Perhaps one of the most powerful statements with regard to the power of words was written in the 1920’s by new thought and metaphysical teacher Florence Scovel Shinn in her book “The Game of Life and How to Play It” published in 1925. “Your word is your wand” Florence is telling us there is MAGIC in our words. Florence’s book is now... read more

Angel Card Reading Love & Relationships

Creating healthy happy relationships is an area of our lives where many of our challenges arise. We can  find ourselves seeking solutions to concerns with our partner, spouse, family, community & employment areas of our lives. The most important aspect to a successful love Angel Card Reading or relationship reading is asking the right questions. It is possible to ask yes/no questions with the Angel Card Tarot & I have several well-tested methods to answer this type of question.   However an open-ended question will answer the underlying issues.  Where as yes/no questions are limited. It is important to ask questions that are empowering. For example instead of asking “Will Michael and I get back together?” ask questions such as “What was the issue that came between Michael and I?” or “What would be the best way to reconnect with Michael?” Querents often present with vague questions.  Sometimes I think it is because they are afraid to ask the real question.  Others need help to clarify their question. Whilst some querents are  “testing” my reading skills.  This serves no purpose; both testing and vague questions will bring forth vague answers.  It is important to frame your question clearly and remember this is a co-creative process.  By working with me you will get the best outcome. For the best results: Get clear on what you want to know. Ask a clear question with the specifics you need addressed. Keep it simple. Focus your thoughts. Seek information that will empower Here are some examples of open-ended questions that could be useful during a love or relationship Tarot reading. What is currently influencing my... read more



Hi there! If we haven’t met before, I’m Lynette Packer. And if you look at my life now, you’d never guess the rough, and very often painful, road I’ve had to travel to get here.

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Achieving Your Dreams W'shop Lynette's Workshop was absolutely lovely

- Kylie

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